QuickMatch Pro™ Color Matching Tool

Use this powerful digital optical tool to capture colors on the go, accurately identifying and matching them to the Glidden Professional™ Master Palette®. Store up to 100 colors, adding text and/or voice tags as desired, then upload data right into your own design and imaging software for easy integration.

The QuickMatch Pro color matching tool is simple to use and gives a quick and accurate color match in 5 easy steps.


Identifies dominant shades even from patterned samples.


Tri-directional illuminated image capture accurately isolates up to 4 colors and matches to the Glidden Professional™ Master Palette® color system.

Displays color name, number, and location within the Glidden Professional™ Master Palette® fan deck.

Finds coordinating colors and recommends color schemes.

Save & Upload
Saves up to 100 colors with option of adding text and/or voice tags. Download into architectural software programs.