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Dry Fall

Waterborne Dry Fall

Waterborne interior coating that dries as it falls.

Waterborne Dry Fall paint is a unique, premium quality, acrylic flat interior coating with very low odor and a noncombustible flash point rating. It features excellent adhesion and resistance to flash rusting when applied to most types of interior ceilings and overhead surfaces such as those in offices, warehouses, stores, hotels, textile mills and industrial plants. May also be used in exterior overhead areas not subject to direct weathering such as covered parking garages, etc. Spray application results in a minimal amount of overspray which dries to a non-adhering dust in approximately a ten foot fall under conditions of moderate humidity and temperature.

Product NameFormerlyUsageWater or Solvent BasedSheens
Waterborne Dry FallICI SprayMasterInteriorWBFlatEggshellSemi Gloss
PRODUCT CODE >GP 1280GP 1482GP 1486
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