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Dry Fall

Solventborne Dry Fall

Traditional alkyd that dries as it falls.

Solventborne Dry Fall paint is a high-hiding durable interior coating for use in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. It gives excellent hide and covers most surfaces in a single coat. Solventborne Dry Fall is also non-yellowing, washable as well as dirt pick-up and fume discoloration resistant. The inherent characteristics of this product minimize cover-up and clean-up expense. This interior coating features excellent adhesion when applied to most types of interior ceilings and overhead surfaces such as those in offices, warehouses, stores, hotels, textile mills and industrial plants. May be applied by conventional or airless spray.

Product NameFormerlyUsageWater or Solvent BasedSheens
Solventborne Dry Fall ICI SprayMaster InteriorSBFlat DTGFlatEggshellSemi Gloss
PRODUCT CODE >GP 1370GP 1380GP 1582GP 1586
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