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Decra-Flex 200 Smooth

Elastomeric coating for vertical masonry.

Decra-Flex 200 Smooth paint has been specially formulated for the specific demands of precast and tilt-up slab concrete. Decra-Flex 200 Elastomeric coatings offer increased adhesion and better early moisture resistance to extend the paint season. It provides a long lasting weather-resistant finish on exterior, above grade precast and tilt-up slab concrete, vertical masonry, stucco and poured concrete. It may also be used on primed wood, primed metal and properly prepared, previously painted surfaces. Decra-Flex 200 paint, when applied as directed, provides a water resistant film, even against 98 mph wind-driven rain, yet breathes to allow entrapped moisture vapor to escape, to avoid blistering. Its superb elongation properties allow the film to expand and contract over existing hairline cracks without the reoccurrence of cracking through the film.

Product NameFormerlyUsageWater or Solvent BasedSheens
Decra-Flex 200 Smooth ICI Paints Decra-FlexExteriorWBFlat
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