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Special Surface - Special Task

Gripper® Block Surfacer

Lightweight filler for masonry surfaces.

Concrete Coatings Gripper Block Surfacer is a premium quality 100% acrylic block surfacer and conditioner for filling and sealing concrete block, CMU and other masonry surfaces. It incorporates a special lightweight technology for greater coverage and faster application rates versus conventional block fillers. Provides superior filling for a uniform surface that is virtually pinhole-free. Highly alkali resistant (up to pH of 13.5) and may be applied to new masonry surfaces in as early as 7 days. Concrete Coatings Gripper Block Surfacer can be used at lower temperatures down to 35°F and may be used under a variety of conventional topcoats and high performance finishes including latex, acrylic, elastomeric, alkyd and epoxy.

Product NameFormerlyUsageWater or Solvent BasedSheens
Gripper® Block SurfacerPrep & PrimeInt/Ext.WBPrimer
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