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Ultra-Hide® 150

Industry leading touch-up to minimize call backs.

Ultra-Hide 150 Interior paint, part of our commercial grade interior line, is specially formulated to meet the high productivity requirements of painters and maintenance professionals. It delivers high-hiding, versatile performance you can count on in all commercial, industrial and property maintenance applications. Ultra-Hide 150 Interior paint is recognized as the industry's best product for touch-up, and performs even in those difficult, dark neutral tones.

Product NameFormerlyUsageWater or Solvent BasedSheens
Ultra-Hide® 150Glidden Ultra-Hide and Glidden Ultra-Hide DurusInteriorWBFlatLow Sheen EggshellEggshellLo LustreSemi GlossGloss
PRODUCT CODE >GP 1210VGP 1410VGP 1412VGP 1433VGP 1416VGP 3038
Click for Technical Data Sheet >TDSTDSTDSTDSTDSTDS

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