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Wood Pride

Professional Wood Finishes

Wood Pride® provides a complete line of interior and exterior wood finishing systems for professionals. Wood Pride saves you money and time, and delivers outstanding color consistency and control through new advances in stain and varnish formulations.

Product Name Product Code Usage MSDS TDS
Oil-Based Wood Finishing Stain/Satin 1700 Interior MSDS TDS
Water-based Wood Finishing Stain/Satin 1700V Interior MSDS TDS
Water-Based Varnish/Satin 1802 Interior MSDS TDS
Water-Based Varnish/Gloss 1808 Interior MSDS TDS
Polyurethane Varnish/Satin 1902 Interior MSDS TDS
Spar Varnish/Gloss 1907 Interior/Exterior MSDS TDS
Oil-Based Quick Dry Sanding Sealer/Semi-Gloss 1916 Interior MSDS TDS
Water-Based Quick Dry Sanding Sealer/Semi-Gloss 1916V Interior MSDS TDS
Water-Based Solid Color Siding Stain/Flat 2600 Exterior MSDS TDS
Water-Based High Build Siding Stain/Flat 2601 Exterior MSDS TDS


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