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The Glidden Professional Pro Paint Program allows our experienced team of dedicated paint professionals to guide you through the paint selection process, making sure you have the right products for the right job. Armed with in-depth product knowledge and a robust professional product offering, our paint specialists will create a customized document detailing product and color solutions for your specific facility. Let us worry about the paint, so you don't have to.

Explore the segment solution guides below or contact a sales rep to find out how we can help you manage your facility, business or next project.

Commercial Facilities

Office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses and the like require constant paint maintenance due to their size, frequency of use and constant tenant turnover.

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Multi-Family Properties

It's no secret that a well-maintained apartment, condo, or townhouse can help increase occupancy rates and resident satisfaction. Appearance matters to managers who want to keep their properties looking beautiful and attractive to new tenants. Nothing keeps the interior and exterior of your multi-family property looking new like a fresh coat of paint.

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Government Facilities

Government buildings pose a challenge to facility managers who are tasked with keeping new and historical infrastructures looking fresh and aesthetically pleasing while keeping an eye on timelines and budgets. It's important that your paint supplier understands these challenges, and has the expertise and products to help you meet your goals, time frame and budget.

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Hospitality Facilities

The hospitality industry is all about first impressions. Guests form opinions about your facility from the moment they walk into your lobby, conference center or hotel room. Having a fresh coat of paint with the perfect color can help create lifelong customers. Your paint supplier needs to provide products and services that keep your building looking beautiful and operating around the clock with minimal disruption to your guests.

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Educational Facilities

From kindergarteners to college seniors, educational facilities take daily abuse from the most demanding of occupants. High-traffic areas like hallways, dorm rooms, lockers and cafeterias all require the right paint to be able to withstand repeated punishment caused by abrasion, moisture penetration, frequent cleaning and corrosion.

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Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities operate in extremely demanding environments where downtime and mistakes are not an option. Facility managers must strike a balance between keeping buildings in constant use while also creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere for patients and visitors alike. Facility managers therefore require flexible paint solutions to make sure all spaces, from operating rooms to waiting rooms, are done right the first time.

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Residential Repainters & Remodelers

Today's residential repainters and remodelers demand more from a paint supplier than great products and a trusted national brand. They need a true partner that understands their needs and can help grow their business. We understand that each job is earned one customer at a time and that you need a paint supplier who can stand beside your name and reputation.

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