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Glidden Professional® Speed-Wall®

Economically Efficient

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Glidden Professional Speed-Wall line of interior latex paints is an economical solution for high volume projects like multi-family housing and apartment projects where turning jobs quickly and frequently is a necessity. Speed-Wall paint provides good dry hide and applies easily so you can turn jobs quickly, improving efficiency and providing a quality finish for your tenants.

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Good dry hideHides surface imperfections
Quick dry and recoat timeTurns units fast, resulting in less down time
Applies easilyUser-friendly application
Can help earn LEED 2009 creditsContributes to sustainable design
Less than 50 g/L VOCMeets the most stringent VOC regulations nationwide
Low odorCan paint in occupied spaces with minimal disruption

Ideal for use on properly prepared interior walls and ceilings. Use on properly prepared and primed or previously painted drywall, plaster, masonry, wood, and metal surfaces.

Interior/ExteriorSheenProduct NumberBaseSizeSDSTDS
InteriorFlatGPS-2000White1 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorFlatGPS-2010Swiss Coffee1 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorFlatGPS-2020Antique White1 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorFlatGPS-2110Base 11 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorFlatGPS-2300Base 21 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorEggshellGPS-3000White1 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorEggshellGPS-3010Swiss Coffee1 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorEggshellGPS-3020Antique White1 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorEggshellGPS-3110Base 11 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorEggshellGPS-3300Base 21 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorSemi-GlossGPS-5000White1 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorSemi-GlossGPS-5010Swiss Coffee1 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorSemi-GlossGPS-5020Antique White1 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorSemi-GlossGPS-5110Base 11 Gallon, 5 GallonENEN | ES
InteriorSemi-GlossGPS-5300Base 21 GallonENEN | ES
  • U.S. National AIM Rule
  • Ozone Transportation Commission (OTC)
  • Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO)
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
  • USGBC LEED® 2009