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Glidden® Trim, Door & Furniture

No Drips. No Brush Marks.

Glidden Trim, Door & Furniture is a professional-quality paint that delivers outstanding results with a revolutionary paint formula that doesn't drip or leave brush marks. Formulated with GEL-FLOW™ Technology, Glidden Trim, Door & Furniture paint resembles jelly at first glance, but glides smoothly across a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces, self-leveling, providing a smooth finish.

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Excellent coverage and durabilitySaves money; less material required
Formulated with GEL-FLOW™ TechnologySelf-leveling, providing a smooth finish
Ultra-thick consistencyOne quart typically covers 150 feet of trim or up to 50 feet of banister

Ideal for use on properly prepared wood, composite trim, steel and aluminum surfaces.

Interior/ExteriorSheenProduct NumberBaseSizeSDSTDS
Interior/ExteriorHigh-GlossGL302National RedQuartENEN
Interior/ExteriorHigh-GlossGL303Antique WhiteQuartENEN
Interior/ExteriorHigh-GlossGL304Linen CanvasQuartENEN
Interior/ExteriorHigh-GlossGL305Classic RedQuartENEN
Interior/ExteriorHigh-GlossGL306Traditional BrownQuartENEN
Interior/ExteriorHigh-GlossGL307Rich NavyQuartENEN
  • U.S. National AIM Rule
  • Ozone Transportation Commission (OTC)
  • Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO)
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)